What the present proof says about its well being advantages

Though matcha tea has been round for hundreds of years, it is just lately elevated in recognition. This can be attributable to its favor with celebrities comparable to Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow, and due to its purported well being advantages—with many claiming matcha has even better profit for our well being than green tea does.

All inexperienced tea comes from the identical plant: Camellia sinensis. Inexperienced tea (often known as sencha) is produced from the unfermented leaves of this plant. Matcha tea (often known as tencha) entails shading the plant from much less intense daylight, then harvesting, steaming and drying the leaves earlier than they’re floor right into a powder.

So whereas inexperienced tea is consumed as brewed dried leaves, matcha tea entails consuming the entire leaf powder—which implies it might probably present more nutritional benefit than an everyday cup of inexperienced tea. Nevertheless, analysis into matcha is simply starting—that means there’s nonetheless rather a lot we do not know but about simply how helpful it might be.

Advantages of inexperienced tea

Inexperienced tea is believed to have many health benefits. This is because of sure compounds present in inexperienced tea known as polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties—that means these compounds might work together with different unstable molecules that may trigger harm to our cells.

The polyphenols in inexperienced tea have been related to modest reductions in cholesterol levels and blood pressure in people. Moreover, two meta-analyses counsel that ingesting inexperienced tea may reduce the risk of developing heart disease. It is thought that particular polyphenol compounds known as catechins present in inexperienced tea might contribute to its protecting results.

Different research counsel that inexperienced tea might lower the risk of certain types of cancer as these catechins might intrude with cancer cell growth.

Moreover, inexperienced tea might also have an effect on the body’s metabolism within the quick time period by enhancing the physique’s capability to burn fat during exercise considerably. In the long run, inexperienced tea might probably affect adjustments to the expression of certain genes associated with fat burning. This might imply that common inexperienced tea consumption might, partly, modestly affect our ability to lose fat over time, particularly together with train.

Matcha tea: what the current evidence says about its health benefits
Matcha and inexperienced tea are derived from the identical plant. Credit score: AnnaNel/ Shutterstock

How matcha measures up

A typical cup of inexperienced tea would possibly comprise about 70mg of catechins, which is about double that of black tea (though many factors, comparable to water temperature and the way lengthy the tea is brewed, can have an effect on this). Matcha tea, nonetheless, may comprise greater than three times the quantity of catechins per serving, with one examine reporting a staggering 137 times more catechins than common inexperienced tea.

This implies matcha contains more antioxidants than different tea, which may clarify its advantages for cardiovascular and immune health.

And since you’re consuming the entire tea leaf, matcha might comprise stronger quantities of different pure substances—together with amino acids comparable to L-theanine. In each animal and human research, the L-theanine in matcha has been related to each reduced anxiety and stress.

Matcha additionally accommodates higher levels of caffeine by weight—round 20-40mg per gram, which is 2-4 occasions greater than that present in an equal quantity of espresso beans. As such, current research investigating matcha have seemed on the mixed results of its catechin and caffeine content material. Two current research taking a look at girls of their late twenties discovered that ingesting matcha tea modestly improved the amount of fat burned whereas strolling by up to 35%.

These outcomes are broadly similar to other studies performed using green tea extract, suggesting that matcha is simply as efficient, however no more so, than inexperienced tea. As such, matcha might present some further advantages when used alongside train. However it is going to be essential for future research to analyze whether or not matcha additionally boosts the impact of train in different teams.

Different doable advantages

Matcha has additionally been shown to improve alertness, decision-making, reminiscence and focus. In a single examine, contributors who got 4g of matcha powder as a drink scored higher on cognitive tests taking a look at consideration, info processing, reflexes and reminiscence in comparison with those that got a placebo.

Different analysis additionally signifies that a number of cups of inexperienced tea a day might stop age-related cognitive decline. This can be, partly, linked with the stress-reducing results of L-theanine, in addition to a potent catechin known as “epigallocatechin gallate” or EGCG which is especially high in matcha. So whereas it is seemingly matcha may have an analogous cognitive profit as inexperienced tea, it is going to be essential for future research to have a look at matcha extra particularly.

Analysis on this space continues to be younger, and extra research—notably with adults—are wanted to really perceive simply how helpful matcha could also be. However if you happen to’re somebody who likes to start out their day with a cup of tea or espresso, you could need to contemplate switching to matcha. Not solely is that this a good way to get your caffeine repair, however it might additionally probably produce other advantages to your well being. Between 2-4g of matcha a day (equal to 2-4 cups) could also be sufficient get a few of these reported advantages over time.

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